Child Suicide Prevention & Granting Wishes.

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#Makingcharitycool to empower students to eradicate bullying, especially against children with special needs.

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Kids committed suicide in the last year with another 4000 attempts. 80% of this due to bullying.
Children with a disability are almost 3 times more likely to be bullied.
Students to teachers. Students outnumber teachers - ICANIWILL empowers the children to eradicate the bullying themselves. 

Nolan’s parents, both doctors, were desperately seeking to help their special needs son, a victim of schoolyard and online bullying.

Nolan’s first encounter with Conan had him hiding behind his mother, eyes welling up at the thought of a physical challenge. Just 2 years later, with some mentorship from Conan, Nolan’s confidence had grown significantly and at the end of 2014 he delivered a speech to his peers at his Senior Graduation.

Nolan was our first paid employee at the beginning of 2015 and now has his license and is a qualified PT. You will now find him in front of thousands, opening up Conan’s speeches. To this day Nolan continues to improve his self confidence and is now a Mentor for ICANIWILL.

To highlight this issue, ICANIWILL teamed up with A Current Affair to not only bring attention to this, but to highlight why our goal to change the culture of bullying within our children is so important.

This campaign was shared over 100,000 times across 6 main Facebook pages (let alone the rest!) and was featured on the front page of the Daily Mail Worldwide.

Watch the video to find out exactly why ICANIWILL exists.

What We Do
Lend a hand, take a stand

The troubles being experienced were comprised mainly from a lack of cooperation, exclusion, and a ‘ganging up’ mentality on those who were deemed low in social status.


Portia's Wish — Performing with Sketchshe

Here is one of the most recent WISH’s that we granted for little Portia, who is 9 years old and had been bullied really badly at school because she is on the spectrum. Not only was school life hard, Portia witnessed DV every few days at home up until her father was put in jail last year. No little girl should ever go through either those traumatic experiences. So we grant her wish to be a superstar for the day, go on her first ever plane ride and trip around Sydney like a Rock Star.

Clay's Wish — Exotic Track Day

Clay is a student from Wynnum who was bullied so badly because of his autism that the police had to be involved. I Can I Will stepped in to change the way he saw himself and the way he was perceived at school. Clay’s Wish was to be a race car driver so I Can I Will arranged for him to have a ride in a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Porsche at Norwell Park Raceway with 3 time Australian V8 Ute Champion Ryal Harris courtesy of Exotic Track Days

Bronte's Wish — Brisbane Roar Soccer Team

Bronte is a grade 3 student at Ormiston State School who was being bullied because of her down syndrome. I Can I Will stepped in to give Bronte and her brother a chance to be part of the winning team and change the way their peers saw them. This was a surprise for Bronte and was announced at their school assembly in front of all the other students. It was an amazing experience for Bronte, her family and the I Can I Will Crew as she followed the Brisbane Roar Team out on the field to flip the coin at the beginning of the game. She was a star!
What is an ICIW Philanthropist?
An exclusive membership given only to like-minded people and companies who share our core values. Philanthropists believe in empowering our children to eradicate the damaging social issues that are causing child suicide and domestic violence in their adult lives. Focusing on bridging the social indifferences between those with and those without special needs, the ICANIWILL Philanthropists will be responsible for making a cultural shift in Australia.
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