Promoting inclusion anti-bullying, for youth suicide prevention.

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We find effective ways to empower students to overcome detrimental social issues such as discrimination, exclusion, bullying and youth suicide. Check out our latest campaigns below for how we are achieving this...

We are currently filming a NEW SHOW that will be launched early 2019, where we star celebrities in hilarious games to capture our youth’s attention and follow this with an interview where the Celeb has the opportunity to share their personal experiences with bullying (when they were in school or online and in person now that they are a public figure), and give their advice, tips and tricks for overcoming challenges. Students easily uptake these messages because they are coming from someone they look up to and aspire to be like.



This is a NEW SCHOOL COMP that incentivises students by giving them the opportunity to star alongside a Celeb they idolise on The ICANIWILL Show by doing an Act of Kindness for another student in need, and sharing their story. This is how we believe we build independence and resilience within our youth - having the students themselves helping one another and being rewarded for doing so. Empowering hundreds of thousands of students to stand up for each other will change the bullying culture in Australian schools, and give young people the tools to deal with adversity, challenges, and set-backs themselves, teaching students skills that will reduce their risk of mental illness and suicide later in life.






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400+ completed youth suicides in the last year alone - 80% of this was due to bullying.
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Youth suicide is the #1 killer of youth and adolescence - it is at a 10 year high.
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1 in 4 students report being bullied on a weekly basis.


After a personal experience with a teenager with special needs who was suicidal due to bullying, Conan sold all of his assets so he could live off them, so he could work full time on ways to help more children around Australia via ICANIWILL. Conan is passionate about making a cultural shift in the bullying culture across Australian schools and is not afraid of change. He is constantly evolving the ways in which the organisation goes about achieving its mission - so it can be the most successful. 

“Our purpose will never change but our execution will always evolve”



With a over a decade of full time study, Lauren has a Bachelor with Honours in Psychology, a Master of Public Health and a Master of International Relations. Lauren is passionate about helping those in need and has done humanitarian trips to Ethiopia, Vietnam and Cambodia, to conduct research and partner with NGOs on community development projects. Lauren maintains a strong research and evidence base for ICANIWILL, and is responsible for processes and policies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation. 

“I believe we should all be drivers of change

The past 5 years of operation has taught us that the only way to overcome detrimental social issues is to empower students to address the issues themselves. Empowering students to be the drivers of change helps to solve the immediate problem and helps to develop the skills adolescents need for their adult lives.
In order to make a cultural change, we must engage the majority. We do this by making the delivery of our message as entertaining, fun and as 'cool' as possible. If you do not relate to students in an engaging way then there will be no chance of creating a shift in the bullying culture.
At school our perception of charity was boring, labour intensive and almost 'detention like'. In our adult lives, it's a bucket on every corner and a scandal on the news. This is why we are NOT A CHARITY. Our business model is - you give to receive. Don't donate, invest part of your marketing budget and receive goodwill exposure with ROI.
The world is developing at a fast rate. What worked last year often doesn't work this year. We are open to constantly evolving to become more effective with less resources and therefore embrace change.