Acroyoga Riverstage

Location: Brisbane Riverstage, Botanical Gardens

Date: 8th July 2017

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To start off our 4th Birthday right we thought 'why not get everyone limbered up before a night of celebrations- on the ACTUAL Riverstage, Botanical Gardens.

At 7am, on the day of our birthday extravaganza, our friends and family all gathered on the riverstage itself to try out acroyoga for the first time!

Traditionally done in pairs, acroyogo is a mixture of acrobatics and yoga designed to target the core, and promote balance - both internal and external. 

Led by the amazing Patty Perlman from Mana Yoga Retreats, attendees were treated to a fun-filled hour and a half of stretching, bending and acrobatics - flipping upside down to test their trust and core-strength. 

Patty Perlman is a long time yogi and teacher, who has a passion for bringing yoga and people together. She loves joining a yoga community of like minded people in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Check out the photos from the morning below!


Acroyoga pose.jpg
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