Cady's Grant-A-Wish

June 8, 2017 By conan-visser

Cady is only 11 years old and has already been through experiences that no little girl should ever face-due to her Asperger's, she has been a victim of bullying since Year 2. She ran for President of House of Representatives only to have her posters pulled down, stood on and ripped in front of her by other students. Cady also regularly faces physical maltreatment on the playground. Her Asperger's tendencies make it hard for her to fit in and make friends, causing her to be taken away from the playground, which in-turn secludes her even more from other children.FB_IMG_1497582582900.jpg

Resized_FB_IMG_1497582519483.jpegWith a lack of support in Port Macquarie and the school taking little to no action, Cady's parents are at a loss as to how they can help her.


How amazing would it be if we could fly her to Melbourne to be involved in a fashion shoot with a famous designer, model and photographer. Having the entire team mentor her to give her the confidence she needs to chase her dreams. Then to have the entire experience filmed to take back to her school to show at show-n-tell to change her cool status at school?

The wheels are in motion for granting Cady's wish, we just need the funding in time to make it happen!

Here at ICANIWILL we are busy organising the fashion shoot, photographer and models, we just need the financial support to fly Cady and her family from their hometown in Port Macquarie to Melbourne, and to cover transfers, accomodation and meals.


If you want to be a part of making Cady's wish come true, you can help by donating to a specific part of Cady's wish!! Just let us know how you can help Cady! 

Every $10 counts, if everyone makes a small contribution then there would be no need to fundraise, every donation makes a huge difference. 

You can be an integral part of giving Cady this life changing experience by either donating or helping fundraise from your network. We will also give you regular updates on her journey from our weekly FaceTime catch-ups and mentorship.

Together we CAN and we WILL make a difference!


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