Granted Chase's Wish

July 19, 2017 By conan-visser




Meet Chase.

Chase is a eight-year-old boy who is on the spectrum of autism, and has also been diagnosed with ODD and ADHD behavioural disorders. His unique personality means that he is a target for school bullies, making him feel isolated and left out at school. For Chase, bullying happens on a daily basis, and causes him to have low self-esteem. With Chase coming home after school and saying ‘I don’t deserve to be here, I’m stupid and I want to die’. While Chase is happy at home riding motorbikes, and building exciting new inventions in his shed, going to school causes him emotional distress and makes him doubt his life is even worth living. It is heartbreaking for his mother to see his vibrant personality dwindle each day due to bullying. His mother doesn’t know what to say to him anymore to help his self-esteem – which is why ICANIWILL has stepped in.







ICANIWILL is overwhelmed at how amazing Chase's Wish turned out!

There is nothing better than seeing someone as full of joy as Chase was over the past 4 days! His weekend started when Chase, his mum and step-pa were flown from Melbourne to Brisbane. They were treated to an amazing dinner thanks to our favourite restaurant Moo Moo's Restaurant, then staying three nights in an Ocean View room at QT Hotel on the Gold Coast 

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And the experience only got better from there! 

On Monday, Chase was surprised by the ShowTime FMX Team and taken to a secret location to spend the day being shown dirt bike tricks, stunts and jumps at their training base.

But the fun didn't end there!

On Tuesday, Chase and his family were taken to Movie World, for a VIP behind the scenes experience. They were able to go backstage for the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Experience, having the opportunity to meet the drivers behind the ShowTime FMX stunt team. Getting treated like VIPs, Chase and his family enjoyed reserved seating to watch the show. His mum and step-pa were then whisked away to be a part of the thrill ride, being drifted around the track in the high powered vehicles whilst Chase sat in the Director's Chair.

It was surely a day Chase will never, ever, forget!

While Chase was left to enjoy the day at Movie World, we took Chase's mum to Oscar Oscar Salons Broadbeach for some pampering and well deserved makeover, getting a half head of foils and a treatment to freshen up her hair.

This was all done just in the nick of time to surprise the family with one last surprise!

Thanks to the Bargwanna Family (a very prominent V8 racing family) we were able to give Chase a brand new Husqvarna, race-spec, 50cc motorbike! No more waiting for parts to be fixed or punctured tires to be pumped up daily - Chase now has a new motorbike so he can continue to follow his dreams of racing.

This was all unveiled with the help of the Hot Wheels Stunt Team Matt Mingay and his son Madz.


The 4 exciting days were filmed by production team including the use of a drone, to create a video for Chase to use at Show and Tell at his school, to help change his cool status at school to help eradicate the bullying.

We will maintain contact with Chase and his family at minimum every month, to help with his development and to help build resiliance.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us make this wish happen. Without their support we could not have made it the weekend it was for Chase!


Upcoming Wishes.
ICANIWILL is happy to announce that thanks to our huge support network, we have organised the granting of five new wishes over the next few months! While the wish many not seem big to others, these wishes mean the world to the children and we are always so thankful to those who help us grant them. 

With exciting things in store for the wish-children such as Showtime FMX, a VIP backstage Miss Universe experience, and meeting famous YouTubers, we hope our impact will give these children a new outlook on life!

Each wish we grant works to diminish bullying by changing their cool status, boost their self-confidence to chase their dreams, create a more positive environment at school and encourage a more considerate generation of young adults.

If you know of any children whose lives could benefit from a wish being granted, please let us know! 

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