Chase's Wish Update

June 9, 2017 By conan-visser

Chase is an eight-year-old boy who is on the autism spectrum, and has also been diagnosed with ODD and ADHD behavioural disorders and came home at the age of seven with suicidal thoughts. His unique personality means that he is a target for school bullies, making him feel isolated and left out at school. For Chase, bullying happens on a daily basis, and causes him to have low self-esteem. With Chase coming home after school and saying ‘I don’t deserve to be here, I’m stupid and I want to die’. While Chase is happy at home riding motorbikes, and building exciting new inventions in his shed, going to school causes him emotional distress and makes him doubt his life is even worth living. It is heartbreaking for his mother to see his vibrant personality dwindle each day due to bullying. His mother doesn’t know what to say to him anymore to help his self-esteem – which is why ICANIWILL has stepped in.



Chase's Grant-A-Wish! 

We flew Chase, his Mum, and step-pa up from Melbourne for a 4-day adventure. We can't give away too much before this story airs on a national program but we do want to say a very special thank you to the following sponsors and ambassadors for making it a truely memorable experience! 

Special Thanks to Brad Burch and the team at ShowTime FMX, Movie World, QT Hotels Gold Coast, Hot Wheels, Jet PilotMatt and Madz Mingay, Davina Rankin, Moo Moo Restaurant, Logan Law, Oscar Oscar Broadbeach, Flight Centre, and Couch for helping us create this life changing experience for Chase.

Check out these snaps! 


















We can't give away too much more...

you'll have to wait for the full story on a National TV Program!

Keep checking in with our social media to find out when this will be aired. 

If you know of any children whose lives could benefit from a wish being granted, please let us know! 

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