Kristen's Grant-A-Wish

June 22, 2017 By conan-visser

Kristen is a ten year old girl who has been subject to prolonged emotional abuse. Verbally harrased by other children on a weekly basis, her mum has had no choice but to move her to a different school. Kristen is now shy and struggles to make friends. Her lunchtime involves sitting alone, as the other children either bully Kristen, or leave her isolated, not allowing her to join in. Kristen has been experiencing this for such a long time that her mum worries that Kristen has "lost the ability to understand when people are being emotionally abusive". After all of this Kristen continues to try and be friends with other kids, even asking to join them at lunch and sit with them on the bus. HOWEVER they continue to laugh at her and harrass her when she tries. Kristen's mum is completely lost, not knowing what to do - She's reached out to ICANIWILL to see if we can help break the cycle of bullying Kristen has fallen victim to.


Kristen is a bright, lively kid who is so kind and caring. We want to help her so she DOESN'T lose that childhood spark! 

Kristen loves dolphins, so here at ICANIWILL we have come up with a plan to treat Kristen to a dolphin experience of a lifetime! We have been busy collaborating and planning and we think this wish will be one of the BIGGEST wishes yet! 


There are SO MANY ways you can help - whether it's sharing this blog, liking us on Facebook or Following us on Instagram - let's get the word out to change the life of this little girl! If you can assist in KRISTEN'S GRANT-A-WISH in any way PLEASE get in contact with us. We love helping kids just like Kristen break the chain of bullying as it only takes on person to break the cycle!

Invidually we may not be able to change the whole world, but together we can make a huge difference. All ideas and even the smallest of donations HELP!


Each wish we grant works to diminish bullying by changing their cool status, boost their self-confidence to chase their dreams, create a more positive environment at school and encourage a more considerate generation of young adults.

If you know of any children whose lives could benefit from a wish being granted, please let us know!   

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