Granted Wish: Lewis

June 26, 2017 By conan-visser

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Conan caught up with Lewis at bounce to see how he's doing, and to make sure that this granted wish changed his life for the better. At the end of last year, ICANIWILL reached out to Lewis to grant his wish. After getting bullied relentlessly at school, Lewis no longer enjoyed going to class, and felt left out at lunch. 

Lewis has a passion for cars, any car, so long as it goes fast. 

ICANIWILL teamed up with Shammi and Ryan Harris to give Lewis the experience of a lifetime: a chance to do a hot lap round Norwall Racing Track. Having the opportunity to be driven around a racetrack, by two of his idols, was something that Lewis will never forget. ICANIWILL and Shammi videoed the day, and Lewis then showed it to the other kids at school. 

This wish changed his life. He no longer stresses over the idea of going to school each day, and rather looks forward to it. 

Each wish ICANIWILL grants helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence at school. While the granting of the actual wish only takes a day or two, the effects of the wish last a lifetime. When asked about whether the bullying had stopped, Lewis replied "The bullying has definitely stopped, probably 99.9% of it. The teachers and principle have both seen my video, and they're saying that if there's any bullying come to the principle...". 

Thanks to the support of ICANIWILL, Shammi and Ryan Harris, and Lewis's family, Lewis can already see the affects of our wish granting at school. His popularity has skyrocketed, and not only with the boys, the girls love him too!

This is the outcome ICANIWILL aims to achieve each time we grant a wish. While it may not seem like a lot, showing these children that they're cared about, and that having some self-confidence, they can work to change their 'cool factor' at school. By making these children want to go to school, and want to participate in class we not only help their future, we also show the other children that bullying doesn't need to happen, and that going to school each day can be fun. By being proactive about eradicating bullying, such as with Lewis, ICANIWILL aims to break the cycle, and allow for a generation of considerate children to grow. Additionally, by reducing the anxiety of going to school, we aim to improve attendance rates and grades of children who struggled previously. 

Watch the video to see how it went!

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