The ICANIWILL Show stars Celebrities in hilarious games to capture our youth's attention, followed by a Celebrity interview sending a powerful message promoting inclusion and anti-bullying, for youth suicide prevention.

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The ICANIWILL Show is a NEW concept that extends, improves, and innovates what we have done previously, bringing a new level of ENTERTAINMENT to send our message... Think Jimmy Fallon meets James Corden - there will be Slime, Cheese sauce, Water Wars, and so much more!

This is a Show that uses entertainment to send a message to promote inclusion and anti-bullying for youth suicide prevention.

The Show stars Celebrities in hilarious games to capture out youth's attention, alongside a student who has won the #ICANIWILLbetheexample Competition for helping another student in need. This is followed by an interview with the Celebrity where they have the opportunity to share their personal story and experiences and the tips and tricks they used to overcome bullying and build resilience.

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Why create a Show? To effectively target the rise in bullying and youth suicide across Australia, we need to get in ALL schools. The easiest and most effective way to get into all Australian schools is through video. For the video to be effective, it needs to be entertaining to capture our youth’s attention, and the message needs to be delivered via influential figures that the students look up to and aspire to be like.

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Azarleuz met Jackson O'Doherty for an entertaining day at the racetrack in a V8 Supercar, alongside his soccer idol Corey Brown, and Race Track Driver Darren Whittington - Check out the Ep below!
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YouTubers Jamie Zhu and Kyron Dryden get PRANKED by Rylan - Check it out!

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   Check out when Cricketer and Survivor contestant Lee Carseldine and Miss World Australia Courtney Thorpe crown Claudia a Princess

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Australian Gold Medalist and Paralympian Brendan Hall teaches Brydi the tricks of the Trade in the Pool - Check out the CH7 News Coverage!

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Travers Beynon Racing carves up the racetrack with Anthony 

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