#ICANIWILLbetheexample Campaign


New School Competition to win the chance to be featured in an upcoming ICANIWILLTV Episode

Want to star in our next Episode with Celebrities and social media influencers?

Help someone on the schoolyard and snap a photo of you and the person you've helped - enter the #ICANIWILLbetheexample Competition by sharing your story and photo. You will go in the chance to be featured in our next viral video for thousands, if not millions of people to see. Enter below!


1. To enter, you must be a school-aged student (5-18 years old)

2. All entry winners must get parental permission and have them sign a Media Release form to be featured in the Episode

3. Winners can not choose which episode they will be featured in, and will be chosen to star in next upcoming Episode in their State

4. If it is found out that you made up your story, your entry will be taken out of the competition


 Fill out the following details and upload a photo of you and the person you helped on the schoolyard to enter into the competition to be featured alongside a Celebrity or Social Media Influencer in an upcoming ICANIWILLTV Episode.

You can enter as many times as you like - but each entry must be about a different Act of Kindness.

Make sure not to fib - we have ways of detecting liars!

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