Awareness is KEY

Awareness is the most important part for our cause. YOU can help raise awareness and spread the word through ICANIWILL Shirts, Singlets, and Car Windscreen Stickers.

Grab a Shirt or Singlet Grab a Windscreen Sticker

Rep a shirt, singlet or windscreen sticker and promote awareness of the fight against bullying for youth suicide prevention. Every time you wear your ICANIWILL Shirt or Singlet it is worth $5 worth of awareness. Have a friend rep one with you and the awareness effect quadruples!

Don’t forget to post a pic of yourself in your shirt, singlet or with your pimp'd out windscreen and share it on social media tagging @ICANIWILLaustralia.

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Available in both WHITE and BLACK - swap your Lorna Jane or Nike workout gear and rep an ICANIWILL singlet at the gym to promote awareness and for the greatest self-motivation!

SHIRTS AND SINGLETS $45 donation + Postage

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - We apologise, but all shirt and singlet orders are temporarily unavailable while we are restocking our gangsta stock list! Check back in with us soon!

Every time people see the sticker on the windscreen of your car it increases our awareness. If you keep the sticker on your car for 2 months this equates to $300 worth of awareness!

Windscreen Stickers $20 donation + Postage


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