Awareness is KEY

Awareness is the most important part for our cause. YOU can help raise awareness and spread the word through ICANIWILL Shirts, Singlets, and Car Windscreen Stickers.

Grab a Shirt or Singlet Grab a Windscreen Sticker

Rep a shirt, singlet or windscreen sticker and promote awareness of the fight against bullying for youth suicide prevention. Every time you wear your ICANIWILL Shirt or Singlet it is worth $5 worth of awareness. Have a friend rep one with you and the awareness effect quadruples!

Don’t forget to post a pic of yourself in your shirt, singlet or with your pimp'd out windscreen and share it on social media tagging @ICANIWILLaustralia.

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Available in both WHITE and BLACK - swap your Lorna Jane or Nike workout gear and rep an ICANIWILL singlet at the gym to promote awareness and for the greatest self-motivation!

SHIRTS AND SINGLETS $45 donation + Postage, where $35 goes directly towards helping a child


Every time people see the sticker on the windscreen of your car it increases our awareness. If you keep the sticker on your car for 2 months this equates to $300 worth of awareness!

Windscreen Stickers $20 donation + Postage


Promote inclusion and awareness, and take a stand as an anti-bullying ambassador in your community. Anyone can be an Ambassador - whether you're big or small, YOU have the power to make a difference!

Download our Ambassador Pack today and get started.

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