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"It's more than just granting them a life-changing experience, it's building trust, friendship, hope, and support to build their confidence to chase their dreams. We don't want children to become a product of the unfortunate situations of their past, we help them to rise above, by believing in them and ensuring that we are people they look up to."



ICANIWILL’s works to reduce the bullying and promote inclusion for children who have been bullied or discriminated against because of their special needs.

Our goal is to provide a life changing experience to boost the child's self esteem and confidence, and to change the light in which the child's peers see them, so they are no longer seen as someone 'different' to target, but as someone other children want to be friends with.

In order to create these experiences we require further information about the child you are nominating to feature in an episode.

Please fill out the following Nomination Form to start this process. The more information you provide our team, the better.

Please note, that as each episode is packaged together to help build self-esteem and to have lasting effects on the child's confidence, we do not give money or provide presents/gifts. We are also restricted to helping only those children that under ACNC guidlines allow up to assist. Furthermore, whilst we would love nothing more than to help every child, we don't always have the means or resources to do so.

Once a child is vetted, the experiences can take months for us to fund and do not happen over night. We therefore require each family to assist in this fundraising process - the faster we obtain the funds to help a child, the sooner we can package together an experience with celebrities and influencers to change their life. All vetted applicants will have a fundraising page created for them and you will be sent a fundraising pack and materials to help you. Our team will be there to support you along the way with the process.

We ask that you please do not tell the child that you are nominating them, as we do not want to get their hopes up for something that may take a longer than expected or not happen at all, and most importantly, because we have a unique way of surprising each child with the experience.


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