MooMoov Philanthropisft Long Luncheon

MooMoov Philanthropisft Long Luncheon

On the 28th of April, ICANIWILL held a philanthropist luncheon to raise money for two of our wish receivers. We are so grateful for the constant support of MooMoos, and their willingness to assistant our luncheons.

Attendants were treated to 3-course meal, alcohol, and a vibrant atmosphere. With conversations flowing all through lunch, it was an opportunity for everyone to meet new people, and catch up with old friends.

Although a number of people cancelled on the day due to the long weekends, those who managed to make it made the event a memorable one.

A special mention to Keystone Private for their continued support of these events. 

Thanks to this lunch, we were able to raise $3475 to help us grant Brydi and Cady's wish.

Every dollar raised at these events goes to helping ICANIWILL make a child’s life better. Like with Brydi and Cady, there are thousands of children around Australia who struggle to fit in at school due to a disability. ICANIWILL strives to change the ‘cool’ factor of each child it helps, allowing for them to have the self-confidence to have a go at everything.

Everything we do it thanks to the support of our donors, without them we would not be able to help change these children’s' lives for the better, and show them that no matter what they can be deemed as 'cool' at school. 



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