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Jay is seventeen years old and has Autism and an intellectual disability. He has gone through things that no child or young man should endure. Until 3 years old Jay was exposed to physical and mental abuse by his biological Mother's boyfriend and put into care with his Grandmother who's boyfriend continued the abuse Jay by butting out all over his body. At age 4 on an unsupervised overnight visit with his mother he was bashed severely by another boyfriend. As Jay has grown up life has became increasingly harder for him, he has gone from being the popular funny Jay to being exploited, taken advantage of, and bullied. This has been mainly by school peers as he has only one friend outside of school, who is also autistic.
Kade is on the Autism spectrum and is mainly PEG fed through a tube in his stomach as he has an immune disorder and has troubles swallowing. In addition to this, Kade suffers from sensory issues and frequent meltdowns. Both children and adults mock him when he has public meltdowns, and at school students call him "tube belly" and make fun of his bucked teeth. The bullying has gotten so bad that one particular child punched him in the stomach. This has caused Kade to have increased anxiety. He is stuggling to fit into High School and doesn't have many friends.
Jake suffers from primary anxiety, ADHD, and ASD. This means that Jake struggles in social situations, with him having an impaired ability to communicate and interact in social situations. Jake therefore finds it difficult to make friends due to his unique behaviour. The social isolation he experiences is only compounded by Jake attending the Learning Support Unit, with other children referring to him as a "retard", an "idiot", and a "moron".
Nate has been heavily bullied by the same group of children since he started primary school. Growing up with Autism (Aspergers), ADHD, ODD, OCD, Anxiety and Sleep Association Disorder, he feels he has always been looked at differently and blames himself for being bullied. Nate says "Sometimes brains are different and my brain wires make things hard for me. I don't know why they can't just fix my wires".
Kristen has been subject to prolonged emotional abuse. Verbally harrased by other children on a weekly basis, her mum has had no choice but to move her to a different school. Kristen is now shy and struggles to make friends. Her lunchtime involves sitting alone, as the other children either bully Kristen, or leave her isolated, not allowing her to join in.
Seth is on the Autism Spectrum, and suffers from ADHD, OCD, and severe anxiety, whilst also having a developmental delay and low muscle tone. Seth has been kicked, punched and spat on, and been called dumb and stupid by children at this school. He has had now had to go on medications for his severe anxiety and depression OCD as a result.
Lauryn has a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, Anxiety and a Non-Verbal Learning disorder. She is constantly bullied by her peers telling her to go "kill herself". One group of girls made a video pretending to be Lauryn and put it on SNAPCHAT and shared it with all of the other students in her year level. She comes home crying at night about why she is so 'different' from the other girls, saying "Mum, look what they have done, why are they doing this to me I am so embarrassed".
Azarleuz suffers from Autism and Anxiety which often makes him feel isolated, unworthy and finds social situations distressing as autism often affects both the verbal and non-verbal cues making interactions very stressful and confusing. Azarleuz has often found school quite difficult and sometimes falls behind. He is currently in grade four, however due to his inability to processes informaiton he is only up to grades one or two level school work. Because of this he gets teased from the children and has been called 'silly and dumb' with some children going to the extent of pushing Azarleuz in the playground, throwing bark  at him and has been called names and sworn at.
William suffers from ADHD and social anxiety. He walks around alone at lunch time and recess, finding it difficult to maintain friendships. Not only do other children mock him by copying his involuntary ticks, but a group of boys have been beating him up a few times a week. One incident, William was pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the stomach, ribs, and groin area. William told his mum, "I just wanted them to stop, my tummy hurt and I couldn't get up".
Peter has been diagnosed with high functioning ASD, hightened sensitivities and above average intelligence. This combination makes Peter have unique personality traits - Think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. His heightened sensitives mean that Peter finds it hard to be in noisey loud environments or in large crowds of people. It also means that when put in these situations he can become easily frustrated and act out. Throughout Peter's schooling life he hasn't been able to make many friendships because other students have found him to be different and weird.
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400+ completed youth suicides in the last year alone - 80% of this was due to bullying.
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Youth suicide is the #1 killer of youth and adolescence - it is at a 10 year high.
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1 in 4 students report being bullied on a weekly basis.

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