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Together we can eradicate devastating social issues such as bullying, to help reduce youth suicide, and lower domestic violence in the next generation. With youth suicide quadrupling in the past four years, and 80% of this being a consequence of bullying, it is our responsibility to work together to eradicate it and empower social change. By uniting as an ICANIWILL family, we can make it clear that bullying and discrimination is no longer excusable.

Tackling this problem is not something we can do alone - this is why we need YOUR help.


We are always looking for reliable and committed volunteers to become part of the ICANIWILL team. You can:

Volunteer at our events
Volunteer your services (eg. Marketing, Web Development, Accounting)
Volunteer your skills There are many different skills that can assist, from Hair and Makeup expertising at our Fashion Shows, to Auctioneering skills at our events, to Child Psychology, Multi-Media, or even Sales skills.

Volunteer your time Volunteer a couple of hours of your spare time each week in our offices to help our team with the everyday tasks associated with running a charity

Fill out the volunteering form below to be added to our volunteers list!

Our ICANIWILL is so important to us, we wouldn't be where we are today without our hard working and trust worthy volunteers.

Fill in the following form to let us know what areas you'd like to volunteer in and you will be added to our volunteers contact list today!

We will contact you when volunteering opportunities come up in your area - but remember to keep up to date with our social media and upcoming events and reach out to us if you have any skills that may be of assistance.


Not Brisbane-based but want to get involved in events? 

Why not hold an event in our name in your State and raise much needed funds to help a child in your local area. CONTACT US today if you'd like to find out how.

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